Sales Success

MARKETING and SALES are so closely intertwined that organizations often don’t realize the need for a focused strategy of synergy between the two. From Fortune 500 firms to start-up organizations – our team has successfully coached sales teams to capture the full potential of the opportunity that lies before them.  MAXIMIZE your marketing and media resources by leveraging SALES STRATEGIES and TACTICS that turn prospects into customers!


We help answer the age old question that every business regardless of size, age or industry of operation asks themselves:

“How do we get more customers?”

By helping your “front line” gain congruence with campaign messages, utilize CRM tools and maximizing their individual and team strengths, your firm can begin to more effectively hit the stated profitability goals month after month. Our success in training both inside and outside, B2B and B2C and sales forces ranging in size from 3 to over 300 means that your sales team will soon find themselves more efficiently and regularly reaching its targets!

As with the other areas of practice service offerings, we take a customized approach to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that lie before you and your sales force to ensure an increase in market share and client count! Some of these areas include:

  • Prospecting
  • Fact Finding
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Executing the Agreement
  • Time Management

Contact us today set up your customized customer acquisition audit. The Done Right Marketing & Media team can partner with you to help your organization reach its true market potential!



Client retention is all about attracting the RIGHT CUSTOMER, getting them to buy, BUY OFTEN, buy in HIGHER QUANTITIES and use the power of their word of mouth marketing to bring you even more REPEAT CLIENTS.

How much money are you leaving on the table?

Partner with us to increase your performance in some of these client retention SUCCESS METRICS:

  • Client Communication (Before, During and After the Transaction)
  • Client Relation(ship) Management
  • The Power of Understanding Client Profiles
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Increasing Average Client Transaction

These are just a sampling of key areas where we can help your sales team increase client retention and ultimately INCREASE YOUR PROFIT! Our clients benefit from shortened sales cycles, higher customer satisfaction, a reduction in A/R and increased referral based business.

Now is the time to schedule a free consultation. Your organization can begin harvesting the full potential from your most valuable asset ~ YOUR CURRENT CLIENTS!


Process Efficiencies

Today’s business environment has dictated that the companies who know how to GET MORE DONE WITH LESS are the ones who are successful! What should your company have less of? Process inefficiencies, gaps in your CRM chain and inter-departmental “cracks” are just a few of the sales process plagues that might allow your prospect or customer to fall out of your grip and into the hands of your competitors.

Our sales operations efficiency service offerings help clients respond to competitive pressures by streamlining the organization’s sales and marketing processes to achieve maximum effectiveness. We partner with you to identify which capabilities enable your marketplace differentiation and which should be more efficiency focused. You can begin to see an immediate impact in sales management, coaching, talent retention, forecasting and sales cycles!

Contact us today for your customized FREE Sales Process Efficiency Audit and leverage over 30 years of sales training and process management success.  Start today and establish functional competencies that allow you to OUTPERFORM YOUR COMPETITION!